Instructor Schedule

Siegel Racing Driver Instruction Clinic
Talladega Gran Prix, Alabama

7:00 - Meet at Mcdonalds at 285 and 20 for food and handout.

7:30 - Depart Mcdonalds for track. We’ll caravan, but If you don't want to meet at the McD's, we'll be on the road by

7:35. There is a BP a few miles down Highway 21in Anniston, please get a FULL TANK and set your tire pressures. Please have tires at 40 psi front, 50 psi rear when you arrive at the track.

8:45 - Arrive at track. Sign waiver. Pay.

9:00 - PADDOCK. Empty cars. Discuss schedule. SAFETY. 100% Looking ahead. Sight pictures. Braking, turn-in, apex, track-out points. SAFETY (twice)

9:30 - Parade Laps. All 6 cars. NO SPEED. Minimum 3 car lengths between cars. This is just so you can get your first sight of the track. We will be on radios, I will be calling the brake, turn-in, throttle pick-up, apex and track out points.

10:00 - Line Theory. Turn-in, Throttle pick-up, Apex, Track out. Combination Corners. Double Apex. Corner Exit Speed importance. Driving position. Vocabulary.

10:30 - Ride Along with instructor. Other 3 watching from carousel.

11:00 - Car control. Traction Circle. Weight transfer. Slip angle. SMOOTH.

11:30 - First higher speed session. MINIMUM 10 car lengths between cars. Other group watching from Skid pad. Instruction with Driver A

12:00 - Lunch - some discussion while eating

12:30 - Second Higher Speed Session MINIMUM 10 car lengths between cars. Other group watching from center turn. Instruction with Driver B

1:00 - Reiteration of car control

1:30 - Skid Pad in conjunction with Turn 7 concentration on Early Apex Diagnosis

2:30 - Skid Pad in conjunction with Turn 7 concentration on Early Apex Diagnosis (II)

3:00 - Full track session. MIN 10 lengths. Watch from where you need work. Driver C

3:30 - Tire Pressure and sway bar adjustment.

4:00 - Full Track session with instructor watching from off-track.

4:30 - Discussion of Improvements

5:00 - Specific Lapping

5:30 - Run the track in the opposite direction. Try not to go off. 10 lengths.

6:00 - Done, time to head home. Thank you. BE SAFE on the road.


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