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The Siegel Racing Spec Miata
is completed (at least enough to pass Tech) and Scott goes to the "All-In-One" SCCA Driving School at Roebling Road...

Running 150 lbs overweight, 10-15% down on power, 257,000 miles on the suspension and the wackiest alignment you have ever seen, SCOTT MANAGES TO QUALIFY 9th out of 53 cars in the class, despite rainy conditions, and a new track!

Scott Graduates with Club Racing Novice License.

Ashley joins Scott at a local auto-cross at Turner Field.
A great time is had by all, and Ashley is picking it up fast.


























Wanna Go Faster?

Latest Track News

Siegel Racing Sponsors Talladega Gran Prix Raceway "Time Attack" organized and staffed by GA DSM.
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Latest Tuning News

Scott tunes a Lamborghini Gallardo

Race Clinic News

Subie Sport Magazine highlights Siegel Racing Driver Education Clinic! Click the image to view the article.





 Holds a Commemorative 555 Member Party Hosted by Scott Siegel

Subie Sport Magazine highlights the party!
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